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5 Odd Museums in New Hampshire

Strangely curious? These five museums offer collections best suited for those with an interest in the uncommon. From eclectic exhibits of taxidermy to extravagant hobbyist displays – these museums will indulge your curiosity and just may leave you with more questions than answers.

Museum of Dumb Guy Stuff, Portsmouth
This one-of-a-kind informal museum is the pride and joy of retired hobbyists Clay Emery and Rod Hildebrand. Just as the name suggests, the museum is filled with dumb guy stuff; only it’s not so dumb. Floor to ceiling displays of ever-expanding collectors’ items and custom miniatures line the one room exhibit and the creators themselves are happy to show you around. While the museum does not keep regular hours – if the OPEN flag is out, you’re welcome in.

Telephone Museum, Warner
Unless you work in a call center, you’ve probably never seen this many phones in one room. Take a trip through time and check out the fascinating evolution of the telephone over the years, from the earliest switchboards all the way to the modern smartphone. While phones have become a part of everyday life, the history of its development is surprisingly fascinating.

Extreme Mount Washington, Sargent's Purchase
Mount Washington experiences the world’s worst weather, and there’s a remote museum entirely dedicated to it. The catch? Visitors must ascend the tallest peak in the northeast to access it. But don’t worry – you can drive your car up the Auto Road or catch a ride on the mountain-climbing Cog Railway to see the exhibit without breaking a sweat.

America’s Stonehenge, Salem
America has a Stonehenge? And it’s located here in New Hampshire? That’s one theory. Decide for yourself and explore this ancient maze of rock structures and caves dating back more than 4,000 years. While no one knows why the structures were created or by whom, the site’s mysterious origins definitely warrant a place on the list of New Hampshire’s odd attractions.

Libby Museum, Wolfeboro
Touted as one of America’s most eclectic small museums, you’ll be marveled by the lifelong collections of local resident Dr. Henry F. Libby. As the state’s oldest natural history museum, you can expect to find a variety of taxidermied animals from all over the world, as well as other oddities including a genuine pair of mummy hands. While the collection may be unusual, the one room exhibit hall is quite impressive and definitely worth a visit.