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6 Ways to Win Winter With Kids

Family-Friendly Winter Fun in New Hampshire

Winter is the perfect time to trek the family on a snowy adventure—and New Hampshire is just the place to do it. With plenty of on and off-the-slopes family fun, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect activity for you and yours. Check out these six ideas that are sure to please the crowd! 

Snow Tubing

Finally, an activity everyone can agree on! But watch out. This ultimate family-friendly outing will have your kiddos begging to go back. And who can blame them? Sledding is a national pastime and New Hampshire just happens to put on an excellent snow tubing show. Long, fun runs, DJs playing popular jams, warming centers well-stocked with snacks, and even night tubing sessions.

Fat Biking

Take the family on a winter bike ride—with Fat Bikes!  Traverse rugged, snowy terrain all winter long on a fat bike. Fat bikes have wide rims, and low-pressure, oversized tires—approximately 3.7 inches to 5 inches wide—that help provide superior traction on challenging trails. These chunky-wheeled bikes may look big and bad, but no need to be intimidated. Fat bikes are actually pretty easy to ride and handle, so you won’t necessarily need lessons, although guided trail rides can be a nice option. There are fat bike rentals across New Hampshire, including at Great Glen Trails and Bretton Woods.

Ice Skating at Strawbery Banke

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is of those feel good family activities that can take mom and dad right back to their childhood days and delight kids at the same time! It’s also a great way to get outside during the wintertime, get some exercise, and breathe in some crisp winter air. New Hampshire is home to an awesome variety of indoor and outdoor rinks and local ponds and lakes that are perfect for lacing up and hitting the ice.

*All outdoor rinks are weather permitting. For anyone planning to skate on ponds or lakes always be sure the ice is safe. New Hampshire Fish and Game’s offers these safety guidelines to help you determine if the ice is safe. A reminder ice can appear to be solid while still being dangerously thin and ice thickness is not always uniform across a body of water.

child at museum in a spacesuit


When the kids have had enough time outside, head indoors and explore. We've got a museum for everyone- science, art, history...even one dedicated specifically to the history of skiing in New England! There's a few geared just towards the kids too, like the Children's Museum of New Hampshire, the SEE Science Center, and the Cheshire Children's Museum to name a few.

Skiing & Riding

Whether your kids are just starting out or they're seasoned pros already, our ski areas are ready for them (and you!) So pick a trail, any trail, and get ready to make lasting memories on the slopes.


Cute, cuddly dogs AND a thrill ride flying through the snow on a sled? What kid could resist? Discover the history of this treasured tradition at one of several locations across the state where sweet, powerful dog teams will take you on an unforgettable ride to calls of “hike!” (let’s go!) or “haw!” (turn left). There are also some incredible events like the Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby.

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