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Seasonal Fall Brews

It’s finally here: the season that both craft beer lovers and craft brewers can cheers to. With autumn’s arrival and the accompanying chilly temps, it’s the perfect excuse for brewers to break out the spices and experiment with irresistibly warm and inviting fall brews that are perfect for the season. Trust us, a little hops and some spices and you’ll be on your way to fall bliss in no time. So what are you waiting for? Check out these incredible seasonal beers from New Hampshire’s talented brewers and get exploring! You won’t be disappointed.
Able Ebenezer Brewing Co., Merrimack
ABV – 6.0%
Unlike many pumpkin beers today—this authentic pumpkin ale places flavor prominence on the pumpkin itself—rather than overwhelming the brew with an array of distracting spices.
Branch & Blade Brewing Co., Keene
Electric Love: Caramel Apple
ABV – 6.5%
Inspired by the taste of festive fall fairs and the quintessential caramel apple taste of autumn, this sour ale delivers a reminiscence that packs in the flavor and transports you back to simpler days.
Great Rhythm Brewing Co., Portsmouth
Pumpkin Porter
ABV – 5.6%
Festively Fall, this brew comes lightly spiced and is crafted and flavored using over 380 pounds of authentic Dickinson Pumpkins.
Martha’s Exchange Restaurant & Brewing Co., Nashua
Oktoberfest Lager
ABV – 6.3%
This classic German autumn lager overflows with rich toasted maltiness and ends with a crisp noble hop finish.
Polyculture Brewing Co., Croydon
Autumn Sweater
ABV – 6.1%
This deep amber farmhouse ale serves up a malted, toasty warm flavor with hints of light spice and fruity notes that deliver a perfect warmth to complement those chilly autumn nights.
Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth
Pumpkin Ale
The brewers at Portsmouth Brewery have combined the dense flesh and high sugar content of hundreds of locally sourced organic pumpkins with nutmeg and brown sugar to make this lightly spiced amber ale.
603 Brewery, Londonderry
Toasted Pumpkin Ale
ABV – 8.2%
This brew is made with locally sourced organic pumpkins and Madagascar vanilla. The result is a well-balanced seasonal brew that is not excessively sweet or overpoweringly pumpkin in flavor.
Smuttynose Brewing Co., Hampton
Pumpkin Ale
ABV – 5.9%
This hearty pumpkin ale is a nod to early New England brewers—using traditional spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove to deliver a deeply balanced ale with a flavor profile that’s robust and complex yet delightfully subtle.

Stark Brewing Company, Manchester
Grumpier Pumpkin
ABV – 5.8%
This pumpkin ale celebrates the season by combining about 400 pounds of pumpkin with just the right blend of nutmeg, brown sugar and vanilla! 

Tuckerman Brewing Co., Conway
Fall Line Rye IPA
ABV – 6.5%
Tuckerman’s Fall Line Rye IPA delivers a rich copper base with a spicy bitterness that gives way to a smooth yet dry malt finish. The perfect flavors to complement autumn’s long-anticipated arrival!
White Mountain Brewing Co., Ashland
Leaf Peepa
ABV – 5.25%
The Leaf Peepa perfectly embodies the spirit of the season as a traditional American-style brown Ale that is refreshingly delicious.
Woodstock Inn Brewery, North Woodstock
Autumn Brew Ale
ABV – 4.3%
This light bodied brown ale with an irresistible toffee malt base is finished with subtle apple tones and a pinch of cinnamon. This one is perfect for those who prefer not to partake in all things pumpkin.