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Sky High Adventures

Whether you’ve always dreamed of roaring through the skies on an epic helicopter ride, taking off from the water in a seaplane, or feeling the wind in your face on a daring hang glider… New Hampshire’s got you covered. You can soar above our lush landscapes, taking in the views of emerald green forests, crystal blue lakes, and pastel flowers in bloom along the way. Look to the sky for a towering adventure you’ll never forget!

A&A Balloon Rides, North Salem
The dream of gliding through the air in the weaved basket of a hot air balloon can be more than just a fantasy. A & A Balloon Rides has been lifting off for over 25 years, introducing passengers to the joy of ballooning and making dreams come true! Liftoff at sunrise for an ethereal view of the sky, feel the roar of the burners and listen to the serene silence of the open air.


Hampton Beach Parasail, Hampton

Parasailing is the perfect adventure for a warm day on the ocean. You’re suspended in the air by a massive parachute in your wake as a speedboat braves the ocean beneath you—granting the ultimate gift of flight! You can soar above Hampton Beach and experience the Atlantic in a whole new way. Plus, the thrill of being propelled through the air is not something easily forgotten. Make a reservation and book your flight for an unforgettable adventure!

Morningside Flight Park, Charlestown
Since 2012, Morningside Flight Park has been giving people wings to soar over the rolling hills of the Connecticut River Valley. The flight park is settled along the scenic slopes of Charlestown, offering fliers gentle landscapes that are perfectly conducive to soaring via hang gliders and regular or powered paragliders. With expert instructors ready to guide your adventure, you won’t need any experience to have the time of your life!

Vertical Ventures Aviation, Whitefield
Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime with Vertical Ventures Aviation. You can join the cab of a zooming helicopter for an exhilarating ride over the grandeur of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Soar over the Presidential Range, get a bird’s eye view of Franconia Notch, or book an Executive Tour for a speedy excursion of the natural hotspots in the region. The thrill of battling the open-air in a winged helicopter is second to none, and it’s bound to be an experience you can brag about for years to come!

Discover New Hampshire Adventures After Dark

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