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4 Ways to Discover NH’s Wildlife at Night

After dark is when some of New Hampshire’s most interesting wildlife comes to life. We’re talking the elusive moose, magnificent loons, owls, and other nocturnal creatures of the night. Get ready for more after-hours adventures, because moose tours, sanctuary visits, and guided tours will introduce you to the undiscovered part of New Hampshire’s nature that comes alive after we go to sleep.

Moose Safaris, Northern New Hampshire
If you’ve always wanted to spot a moose in the wild, you’re not alone. These magnificent animals tend to shy away from populated areas and are most active after dusk or in the early hours of the morning, making them an elusive sight. Lucky for us, expert guides across the state have moose-finding down to a science, and they can practically guarantee a sighting when you join a moose safari! Great guides like North Conway Moose Safari Tours, Pemi Valley Moose Tours (Lincoln), Gorham Moose Tours, and Outdoor Escapes New Hampshire offer fun excursions through the wilderness to observe these animals in their natural habitat.

Inn at East Hill Farm Guided Night Walks into the Woods, Troy

Owls are some of the most fascinating creatures of the night, with their 270-degree peripheral vision, distinctive trills, and their impeccable hunting skills. Guests at East Hill Farm this summer will have the chance to witness these captivating birds in their natural habitat on a guided night walk through the forest. Each Sunday evening at 9pm, a tour will march through the farm’s grounds where guests will identify owl calls, watch for the swoop of birds and bats through the air, and star and moon gaze on clear nights!

Purity Spring Resort Owl Watching & Loons on the Lake, Madison
Guests of Purity Spring Resort enjoy the serenity of pristine wilderness nestled along the south shore of Purity Lake. The resort also borders the Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary, where guests and the public can explore 2.4 miles of trails home to hundreds of bird species and owls. But many guests consider the loons to be the real lure, and Purity Lake is home to some pretty spectacular ones. The story goes that a pair of loons arrived in the heath section of Purity Lake over 25 years ago, and their descendants have made a home in the same location ever since. Visit the lake under moonlight and listen for loon calls, watch the birds dive for fish, and catch a glimpse of nature at night.

Nights at The Wildlife Encounters Ambassador Sanctuary, Rochester
Alligators, kangaroos, african serval cat, and tropical and African porcupines have a home here in New Hampshire at the Wildlife Encounters Ambassador Sanctuary! And on summer nights this season, you’re invited to visit during a lineup of special events. On Fridays at 6pm, a series of Couples Nights, Ladies Nights, and Littles Nights take place where the sanctuary opens up for after-hours visiting (pre-registration required). Get up close and personal with the animals and help with feeding time, witness nocturnal animals in their prime, and learn all about these incredible exotic creatures.