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Foliage Reports

Foliage Report for October 22, 2021
With the northern part of the state just past peak now, it is the central and southern region's turn to shine.  Leaf peepers will find peak foliage in most all of the state from the Lakes region south with jaw dropping color around every turn. So get out there and enjoy it this weekend- because it's not going to last much longer!
Great North Woods: Past Peak

October 22: Conditions in the region suggest that the Great North Woods has surpassed peak foliage. Many trees have already lost their foliage, leaving the forest floors crowded with a confetti of the season’s leaves.  While there are still a few brave trees hanging tight to their colors—there is no longer a widespread colorful canopy in the landscapes. While the region transitions away from peak, there are still wonderful glimmers of luminous oranges leaves hanging along roadsides, and if you hike to higher elevations, a bird’s eye view of the region will reveal where the last of the colors are clustered. Driving north along Route 3 is a great way to gauge the foliage in the region, so leaf peepers are encouraged to hop in the car and hunt for the last of the foliage!

White Mountains Region: Past Peak

October 22: In the White Mountains, a wide range of foliage conditions still present themselves. We are seeing some leaf loss in the Bretton Woods area near Mount Washington, but the last foliage that does remain continues to be bright and bold. If you follow along Route 115 South through Jefferson, there are a few last pops of pumpkin-orange and olive-toned trees highlighting the roadsides. The western part of the region near Lincoln/Woodstock and Waterville Valley was robbed of many leaves with heavy wind and rains, but the foliage has settled on the ground instead which makes for a truly magical walk through the woods if leaf peepers can find time for a hike this weekend. The best spot for the last of the remaining colors in the regions may be to the east near the Jackson/Conway/Madison areas.

Lakes Region: 100% color change - Peak Foliage

October 22: The Lakes Region is drenched in a splatter of bold fall colors, with beautiful foliage calling attention to trees all over the region. The most notable colors are deep, rosy reds from maple and oak trees, in addition to the electric yellow birch trees! This weekend, consider exploring the 28 miles of trails maintained by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust. We hear the colors along the Brook Walk trail are stunning and bright, but any walk during peak foliage will grant hikers breathtaking views! Those looking for a scenic drive will find bursts of colorful leaves along the Lakes Loop, which rounds Lake Winnipesaukee and rolls through many scenic lakeside towns colored in foliage!  

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region: 100% color change - Peak Foliage

October 22: The Dartmouth / Lake Sunapee Region still has widespread color, with a muted orange blaze lighting up the region. While a portion of trees have begun to lose their leaves, the colors that remain on the treetops are vibrant. Mount Kearsarge is absolutely breathtaking right now, with its summit overlooking a sea of deep orange, bright yellow, and scarlet red leaves. Pillsbury State Park in Washington is a beautiful spot to visit if you can find the time—we hear the colors are simply shining!

Merrimack Valley Region: 90-100% color change - Peak Foliage

October 22: There is an abundance of color in the Merrimack Valley mixed in with deep olive and emerald leaves. While there are areas where green still dominates the treetops, most of the leaves are at least under a light haze of orange and red color. Route 101 from Bedford through Amherst and Milford has walls of electric color along the roadsides, and I-93 North continues to show off a foliage-gauge for the region.  Leaf peepers can meander along backroads in Canterbury or Loudon where more vibrant color has been reported!

Monadnock Region: 100% color change - Peak/Past Peak Foliage

October 22: The Monadnock Region has been a wonderland of vibrant fall colors this season. As the region moves away from peak foliage, the leaves are starting to carpet the forest floors in a patchwork of majestic yellow, orange, and gold. Leaf peepers will find many trails in the region to explore that still have beautiful colors on the trees, or a scenic drive winding through quiet backroads and charming small towns is sure to grant beautiful sights of remaining fall foliage. There are a few late comers to the party—with maples still in the process of change, so some reds are still to be seen.  We hear the trees by the Keene Post Office usually put on a good finale to the season.

Seacoast Region: 95-100% color change - Peak Foliage
October 22: The Seacoast is showing off a kaleidoscope of color, and while there are quite a few unchanged trees around the region, the forests are beginning to see some leaf loss so get out and see the show while it lasts! Deep emerald, scarlet red, and vibrant orange leaves are highlighting the forests, and the coast is truly a sight to behold. With abundant leaves decorating the treetop canopy and a collection of vibrant leaves underfoot, a walk anywhere in the region will be a delight this weekend. Seabrook, Exeter, and Hampton have lovely shades of color, and the roadsides are particularly attractive along Route 101 East.