Foliage Reports

Foliage Report for October 25, 2019
This will be the final foliage report for 2019, be sure to check back next fall when foliage season begins again.

Great North Woods Region
Percentage Changed: Past Peak

Another foliage season has come to a close in the Great North Woods, with the colors of fall well past peak and the majority of leaves decorating the ground and roadways rather than the trees. Don't let that discourage you from a trip up to this beautiful part of the state where recreation and wildlife watching are just a couple of the amazing activities you can experience year round. To learn more about the Great North Woods region click here.

White Mountains Region
Percentage Changed: Past Peak

The transition from fall to winter has begun in the White Mountains Region- snowcapped mountains have already made an appearance! However, there is a bit of color remaining towards the southern part of the region. Try the Campton area around Waterville Valley for a final White Mountain leaf peeping trip. The Lincoln/Woodstock area is also reporting a few last pops of color in the trees. Though many leaves have fallen, what does remain still makes for a pretty drive. As the foliage season wraps up, be sure to start planning now for your winter mountain adventure...skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and so much more await! Click here to learn more.

Dartmouth Lake Sunapee Region
Percentage Changed: Past Peak

Foliage has moved past peak in the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region. The leaves that were so bright and vibrant just a short time ago have started to fade, and toasted shades of gold and brown are taking their place. You will find pockets of brighter color here and there- try near Sunapee or further south in the region for your best bet at what remains for foliage right now. A drive alonside the Vermont border is always nice too as you search out that last color reflecting in the Connecticut River. This region will soon ease its way into winter, and when it does be sure to make some plans for a weekend away at a cozy country inn or bed and breakfast- start planning your next trip today by clicking here.

Lakes Region
Percentage Changed: Past Peak

In the Lakes region, most of the trees have become muted yellows and oranges, signs that the foliage is past its peak. If you're headed up for the weekend, you'll probably still find some late season foliage throughout many of the towns surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee and the views of the big lake are stunning no matter what season you visit. Squam Lake and Newfound Lake are also hanging onto a bit of late season color and both will be well worth a visit this weekend as well. As fall moves out, start preparing for winter fun in the Lakes region- from skating, sledding, ice-fishing, and skiing there is no shortage of things to do…click here to get planning.

Monadnock Region
Percentage Changed: Past Peak

The Monadnock region is definitely headed well past peak. It's still quite lovely though- when the sun is shining, blankets of leaves glow along roadsides and across forest floors. Many trees are now bare but a few are still displaying some beautiful shades of rust and dark gold. Try a scenic drive on Route 101 heading from Peterborough through Dublin, to Marlboro and Keene. Route 63 from Chesterfield to Westmoreland is a nice drive, too. There are lots of great upcoming events, plus year round recreation and activities in the Monadnock region, so be sure to visit again even after the leaves have fallen. Click here to plan your trip now!

Merrimack Valley Region
Percentage Changed: 100% - Past Peak

The Merrimack Valley region continues to hang on to a mix of foliage...the show isn't over yet, but it's close. From completely bare trees to others still at peak color, you'll find it all here right now. The country backroads around Canterbury still have a nice mix of fall tones, but it definitely is looking more like late fall now. The exception is the completely yellow trees, which still look spectacular in the sunlight! Leaf peepers in Hopkinton are reporting beautiful color remaining on the drive along Route 103. Route 202 between Concord and Hopkinton remains nice as well. This weekend should provide visitors with a decent bit of color from the Massachusetts line up through Manchester, Milford and Amherst. It won't be the bright show of weekends past, but there should be enough to make it worth the ride. Be sure to make a stop for lunch and shopping in one of our bigger cities like Manchester, Nashua or Concord. Learn more about visiting the Merrimack Valley region year round by clicking here.

Seacoast Region
Percentage Changed: 100% - Past Peak

The Seacoast is where you want to be if you're still looking for peak color in New Hampshire. There's quite a mix out there. Some hills and roadways are still very green while others are just starting to turn orange and yellow. Still other spots are full peak with bright red, while the leaves that changed early have all dropped and moved well past peak. So take advantage of the color here now, because it probably won't last long! Some recommended drives for the upcoming weekend will be Routes 33, 108, 101, 85 and 88. Even after the leaves have fallen, plan to visit the Seacoast region later this fall and winter. The Portsmouth area has wonderful holiday events and our coastal towns are beautiful year round. Learn more here.