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A Blast From the Past: Drive-in Theatres

See the movies this summer in NH on the really big screen!

Drive-in theatres may have long seen their heyday, but the craze about them sure didn’t die with the 1950’s. And since no summer is complete without a trip to the drive-in, New Hampshire remains home to three fully maintained outdoor theatres to make sure you won’t miss out! So hop in your car, grab your friends or family, and head to one of these quintessential summertime gems.

Arial view of Northfield Drive-In Theatre

Northfield Drive-In Theatre
As the cool summer dusk settles in around you and the stars start twinkling above, that signals prime time for those outdoor projectors to start rolling—right around 8pm. Find your spot at the Northfield Drive-In Theatre in Hinsdale and tune your radio in to the corresponding station. Grab your must-have movie snacks at the Snack Bar and settle in to enjoy your feature film under the stars!


Weirs Drive-In Theatre
Just around the same time, the Weirs Drive-In Theatre will start rolling their first films as movie goers find their places and set up camp for the evening. With 4 screens, there are always plenty of options so you’ll easily find something everyone can agree on! Located at the head of the Weirs Beach strip, this drive-in is the perfect cap to a day spent on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Also providing a fully functioning Snack Bar, the Weirs Drive-In has it all. 


Milford Drive-In Theatre
About an hour and a half south is the Milford Drive-In Theatre. As evening falls in the Monadnock Region, people crowd in folding chairs, cozy truck beds, on blankets, or simply in their cars to enjoy the exciting films presented here. And with two screens, a full concessions stand, and even a playground—this theatre is the perfect stop for the whole family!  

Photo top of page: Gabe Shakour, Northfield Drive-In

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